Wednesday, June 19, 2013

She's growing up :)

My father has always said that "Time is one thing you can never get back" and it is so true. I often feel the way that there are some special moments that I can never experience with my baby again. I suppose all i can do is store up as many wonderful memories as possible so that we always have a precious cache to go back to in our minds.
When Naaya was a tiny newborn she did nothing but let me cradle her in my arms, being a little squishy teeny bean. Now she's six, and she also can sit! OMG, time flies so fast.

I am so excited to watch my baby grow into a toddler and then child but I am sad for all the time that passes and for all the moments I can't have back with her again. I think this is the impossible fight that every mother feels and no mother concurs.
I know all of these precious moments will stay in my heart forever. I'm trying to look at the bright side: There will be a lot more precious moments while she's growing up. They're maybe not the same as the ones from when she was a baby, but maybe they will be even more precious! Like, first day at school, first boyfriend, first night out when she will no doubtably ask for make up advise. I know, in the future, everyday she will do something that amazes me and i'll always have the precious videos of her crying, crawling, dancing, or singing to look back on.  I think the best thing i can do now is to live in the moment and enjoy all those precious times i have with Naaya :) I love you, little girl :)


Playtime with one of her fave aunty :)

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