Saturday, September 14, 2013

Naaya's 1st Photoshoot

I know it is very important to book newborn pictures as close to the baby's birth as possible. You know, in their first week where newborn babies go into this crazy, deep sleep. You can basically move them around, pose them, stick them in buckets, baskets, etc and they do not wake up or move an inch. It makes it easy to take all those cute naked, sleepy baby newborn pictures. Sadly, we've already missed the chance to take her newborn pictures :( Now my lil' bunny is 8 months old and this is her first photoshoot. (11 August 2013)

Well, i've been considering the location is in our house. I was thinking, where is my baby most used to? Of course, the answer was her nursery. The photographer itself prefer to shoot with natural light as much as possible so she wasn't bring any big lighting equipment backdrops or anything else that will clutter up the house. Thank god she got the experience to handle this task so i'm pretty sure i can get some truly breathtaking pictures.

The pictures turned out beautiful thanks to Melody from @melightography - It was an easy couple of hours. We had Naaya easily in a few precious headbands, posed her in a high chair and go to the balcony. I just feeding her twice in 2 hours just so she would fall asleep for a while. Here is some of my very favorite shots from Baby Naaya's 1st photo shoot. We got some adorable shots of her personality and I was able to gain some experience and learn some Do's & Don'ts when it comes to taking photos of little ones.


With love, Inaaya Arcilla ❤

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