Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trip to Mangia

A few days ago i had a meeting with Rubrik which is now my design team for my newest Yearbook project. Since i don't have any babysitter to take care of lil' Naaya, my sister is being so kind and helpful because she was there for her during our (me and my hubby) short meeting. So we decided to take her with us for a dinner. She took us to a place called Mangia. Located at the cafe-dominated Panglima Polim, Mangia is a homey place with colorful wooden chair, white walls, old windows, and lovely menu on the list. My first impression of the place is that it's so lovely with its rustique interior design in pastel palette. Once we arrived, it looks like they doesn't have a big enough area to park the visitor's cars, so they provides a valet service for us.

I headed to the second floor, which was more spacious but still my baby stroller won't fit in their place so i was rely on their baby high chair so i can feed her. The 2nd floor was divided into 2 area, smoking and non smoking one. I love the soft pink chair, I love the old-style window, I love the vintage plate mat on my table. A super love.

Got myself a plate of Mangia's Fried Rice which was basically their favorite menu on the list with a glass of Smoothies Freezing. So yummy.

My hubby got a plate of their Favorite Swedish House Meatballs. 5 tender meatballs were served with brown-sauce-poured-mashed-potato, and of course a little touch of strawberry jam on the side of it. It was a tasty one indeed!

Here's their another fav menu on the list, it was Nasi Jeruk Sambal Dori which is composed by mixed white rice, orange leaf, and herbs top with a spicy dori. Looks so tempting, i wish i can have a taste on it but i have an allergic to spicy foods. So uncool.

The waiter suggested me to try the wheatgrass shot, he said it was like drinking 1 kg of vegetable. Quite interesting, but it tasted like a fake one because this one was too sweet to be a healthy juice, maybe they used too many sugar on it.

Say hi to my little-cute companion 😊

The price range for the meals stretches from 35.000 rupiahs to 70.000 rupiahs, and 19.000 to 35.000 rupiahs for the drinks. For a tiny restaurant with a well-designed space land i think the price were reasonable. Mangia definitely made it to my favorite places list and succeed to impress me with its warmth. I think I will pay another visit for it. Do you have any new or all time favorite place to eat? We'd love to know and try them!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Get well soon!

Cold and Flu season always makes me a bit twitchy. I've been trying so hard to protect Naaya from any kind of viruses but it seems like i have to be a little tougher to face this phase :(

Anyway, while I thought I was pretty well prepared for my babies to get sick (In fact, i wasn't. Our baby medicine cabinet was lacking, my general knowledge was lacking, and I emotionally was not at all ready to watch my babies cry and snarf and sneeze their way through their first real colds. Am so so so so not ready, and that's for sure!)

My lil' bunny likely to be irritable since this morning and have a poor appetite because of her colds so i decided to make her gets plenty of rest and I make a chicken soup for her lunch to get her appetite back. Aside of running to the hospital, i decided to stayed in bed with her all day, trying to make her laugh (Well, at least she was smiling with her pajamas on)

Am trying to be cool but it's really sad when Naaya looks at me with her big, watery, sad, red eyes, and snot is coming out of her nose and she's rubbing her little fists furiously against her nose, with the face like, "Mommy, what's haaaappening?!" That's when i can actually physically feel my heart breaking. No joke. Gosh, it's never, ever easy watching your little ones sick. Am trying to take a deep breath and face this flu-challenge!

Get well super soon, lil' bunny ❤️

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Naaya get a haircut at a salon!

Hello!! This is the first time my baby get a haircut at a salon. Actually, this is not her 1st haircut, i've shave her head on our house when she was a newborn. Now, Naaya had an insanely long hair, her hair started getting in her eyes so i had to start cutting her bangs. (For those parents who wants to get their baby to the salon, please wait until your baby is able to support their head on their own. This will make their first haircut a lot easier)

We are heading to KiddyCuts this afternoon. They had this little chairs that were cars, motorcycles, and fire trucks with a little steering wheels to keep my lil' bunny entertained. Seeing my lil' bunny being wrapped in a plastic cape, squirted with water, and attacked with sharp scissors by a stranger is just plain scary but she did awesome! Yeay, we finally cut it! She was too busy playing with the steering wheel to even know what was going on :p

Coming with a smile

"Hey you, don't you dare touching my curly hair"

Cut, cut, cut

Looking cute with her new bangs!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No, No, No.... It's not a toy :/

Hello people! It has been one hectic week for me and my (little) family.  I've been feeling a bit sick with a stiff all around my body. Honestly, all i want to do right now is just to stay in bed for the past two days. I know, having Naaya around means it was impossible to having an intimate relationship with my bed. I'm hoping that the only thing i can catch right now is a break. Hooooooaaaah/

So last week Naaya was 10 months old and she is increasingly clever. During our last play session she began to watching herself in front of the glass mirrored closet in our room and sliding open and closed it a bit. As usual Naya is very pleased with her new discovery and I am very nervous. Diz baby thinks the mechanics of moving a giant mirrors is fun and mesmerizing whereas I think it's an injury is waiting to happen. I had to get stern with her but disciplining a baby is so tricky. I don't want to shame her or make her feel bad but I don't want to send the message that the closet is something we play with. I'm relying on "NO, NO, NO," words on repeat and a serious glare and distraction tactics for now but I have a feeling this closet battle is FAR FROM OVER!


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