Monday, October 21, 2013

Get well soon!

Cold and Flu season always makes me a bit twitchy. I've been trying so hard to protect Naaya from any kind of viruses but it seems like i have to be a little tougher to face this phase :(

Anyway, while I thought I was pretty well prepared for my babies to get sick (In fact, i wasn't. Our baby medicine cabinet was lacking, my general knowledge was lacking, and I emotionally was not at all ready to watch my babies cry and snarf and sneeze their way through their first real colds. Am so so so so not ready, and that's for sure!)

My lil' bunny likely to be irritable since this morning and have a poor appetite because of her colds so i decided to make her gets plenty of rest and I make a chicken soup for her lunch to get her appetite back. Aside of running to the hospital, i decided to stayed in bed with her all day, trying to make her laugh (Well, at least she was smiling with her pajamas on)

Am trying to be cool but it's really sad when Naaya looks at me with her big, watery, sad, red eyes, and snot is coming out of her nose and she's rubbing her little fists furiously against her nose, with the face like, "Mommy, what's haaaappening?!" That's when i can actually physically feel my heart breaking. No joke. Gosh, it's never, ever easy watching your little ones sick. Am trying to take a deep breath and face this flu-challenge!

Get well super soon, lil' bunny ❤️

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