Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Naaya get a haircut at a salon!

Hello!! This is the first time my baby get a haircut at a salon. Actually, this is not her 1st haircut, i've shave her head on our house when she was a newborn. Now, Naaya had an insanely long hair, her hair started getting in her eyes so i had to start cutting her bangs. (For those parents who wants to get their baby to the salon, please wait until your baby is able to support their head on their own. This will make their first haircut a lot easier)

We are heading to KiddyCuts this afternoon. They had this little chairs that were cars, motorcycles, and fire trucks with a little steering wheels to keep my lil' bunny entertained. Seeing my lil' bunny being wrapped in a plastic cape, squirted with water, and attacked with sharp scissors by a stranger is just plain scary but she did awesome! Yeay, we finally cut it! She was too busy playing with the steering wheel to even know what was going on :p

Coming with a smile

"Hey you, don't you dare touching my curly hair"

Cut, cut, cut

Looking cute with her new bangs!

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