Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bedtime-routine for your baby!

As i sit and type this, I have my tired feet up, a truly wonderful tasting glass of my dietary herbal milk, and my darling 1 year old is sleeping peacefully beside me with her comfy blanket.
By the way, bedtime for Naaya is now between 7-8pm and this leaves me with something that i haven't had experienced in a rather long time - 'me time'. Browsing, listening to some music (and dancing a bit too :p), finishing some of my new books, etc.
Getting Naaya into this routine, honestly wasn't easy, but thanks God i did it and things have drastically changed and now i get the time that i'm badly craved.

Here's how I get my baby into a routine:
  • Chose a bedtime that was reasonable for your baby and for you
  • Keep the lights low.
  • Lower the TV volume or any voices around your baby
  • Give the last milk just before 'bedtime', which her falls asleep with.
  • Make sure their nappy has been changed and their pyjamas are on before the last milk.
  • Once they fall asleep, take 'em to their bed, put their blanket and night light on and don't forget to give them goodnight kisses
  • If your babies wakes, soothe back to sleep with potentially more milk (if needed), kisses, or cuddles
  • Feet up and enjoy the rest of the night!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Milestones - 1 year

  • She's now in 12-18 month size, although I think she has slimmed down a bit lately.
  • There has been lots of days when she's Winnie-the-Poohing (just a t-shirt...and a diaper)!
  • Hmm, the sleep topic? She is starting to sleep for longer stretches (2-3 hours) which has been a nice change from her 1 hour intervals.
  • She goes to bed around 8 or 9 o'clock and wakes up anywhere between 7 and 8 am (waking anywhere from 2-3 times a night.. this is down from 4-6 times, Hooray!)
  • She said: "Mama" (Mother), "Papa" (Father), "Kakak" (Sister), "Dada" (Goodbye), perfectly! I can hear the xclamations like “uh-oh!" too and it feels like she tried to say every words i say :p Well, this is the most amazing part for me, and i'm really proud of her! :)
  • Social and emotional life? Well, now she cries when her Mama or Papa leaves the house and now she has some favorite people, which is her uncle and grandma.
  • She repeats sounds or actions to get people's attention. This one is funny and super cute :)
  • She puts out arm or leg to help me dressing her. Good girl!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Inaaya Arcilla's #1 Candyland Party

Last weekend was the big day. On Saturday, December 07, 2013 we celebrated Naaya's 1st birthday at Beranda Cafe. Not only it was a day to celebrate her first year of life, but I felt like it was also a celebration that Naaya and I survived our first year of life. HA! I am not going to lie, this year was WILD. It was the fastest year of my life and I have been thinking about how we were going to celebrate it. I have been googling "baby girl first birthday ideas" for quite sometime. I found lots of Mickey and Minnie, Hello Kitty, Pink Onederland and so many other cute ideas, but not what I was looking for. Thank God, there's a friend of my brother-in-law offering a help since she was working on a Party Organizer/Decoration. The theme was "Candyland" - Sounds cute, who doesn't love Candy??? I was came up with Pink Onederland party at first but i thought it was so boring. Hear the word "Candy" makes me feel so excited that time.

I will say that i usually plan things in my head and then they never turn out just as I imagine and I am a little disappointed. But this party was different. I was not disappointed. I loved it so so so much. I swear!! Can't thank Venda Decoration enough for their hard work.

The bad news is, our little girl wasn't feeling 100% on his birthday. Too bad, she suddenly got a fever on our way to the cafe. Am pretty sure she was tired these few days because she keep on coming home late with me, preparing her birthday. She wasn't her normally smiley-self that day and she can't stop crying :( But the best part is, the party turned out great! Even the guest are rarely seeing my baby around because i need to get her in the car to calm her, everything is fine and tied together. It was an amazing day! BIG thanks to all of our friends and family who came out to celebrate. Also, a special thanks to all of you who took time to wish my babes a happy birthday.

This was an entry as you walked in. There's my big family coming from Medan and my hubby's big family so i put the Two Families board on the entry.
Buffet and Coffee Break

A few shot of the Candy Corner and Dessert Table. Lovely isn't it? See how Venda Decoration filling the tables with the likes of full size candy bars, panacotta, sour candy, jelly beans, candy sticks and astor, gum, lollipop, pocky, fancy marshmallows, brownies, donuts, cake cops and more!

Photobooth by Fotka - What's better than a party photo souvenir?

The clowns. Hands down, it looks like Naaya HATE clowns. This is such a big mistake i made because Naaya was sick, she's not in her best mood and when she saw the clown hosting her party, she's going crazy! She started crying hysterically and i finally realize, "Ah, there should be NO CLOWNS at Naaya's party" (We took her to the car, trying to calm her and everytime we trying to take her back to the party, she began to cry again. What a big mistake 😂)

Pinata Game. The highlight of the party ❤️ Everyone is having fun ❤️

The biggest buffet of sweets all for the taking! Candy, Marshmallow, Pocky, Froot Loops, Bubble Gum! (Brother-in-law rocks the graphics for the invitation, centerpieces, favor tags, birthday sign and booth signs @gemesta)

There's about 50 sweet goodie bags filled with Inaaya's Arcilla Glass and some favorite snacks and it was handed out to the kids (and adult kids at heart too :p)
Note: Goodie bags shot taken by phone, one night before the party (Sorry for the bad quality)

Here comes the sterofoam cake! (Yeah, this is the fake one because my baby already had her cake-smash session before so we don't need the real ones) Wow, the cake design was so lovely am sure i don’t want to cut it if that was real 😂

We didn't get much shot of Naaya around her cake or even with us because she can't stop crying, and i didn't have time to said my birthday wishes for Naaya in front of the guests. All i can say to them is sorry because Naaya showed up just a few minutes because she was really sick and to pray together so she will get better real soon. Here's just a few pictures i got before she was crying:

Queen of Candyland

I'm very thankful that Naaya received a lot of presents and envelopes but what I'm most grateful for is that almost 170 people came to celebrate Naaya's birthday with us and they all made me feel that ALL OF MY TEAM HARD WORK WAS WORTH IT. Everything worked out great in the end. It was an expensive event, but what's important is that everybody had a good time in celebrating the anniversary of our beautiful and smart daughter came into our lives.
I wanna send out the BIGGEST THANKS AND HUGS to everybody who made an effort to make it there and party with us. Now that Naaya is one year old, I'm happy that everyday she's still surprising us with new skills, tricks, talents, and owning those developmental milestones like a baby boss! We're so proud of YOU ❤️

Photography: @melightography

Friday, December 6, 2013

Cake Smash Session

To the world’s most beautiful baby, HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY and congratulations, you have made it through a one percent of your life. Now you can stand, It’s the time to begin to see the world from a much higher place. You sense that you must walk before you race. There is so much anticipation upon your face. Thank God you send us the most precious gift, a little angel. With every giggle you make I wanna fly up high. And with every smile you make I wanna cry from happiness. Well, you are another year older now and you haven't changed a bit. That's great because you are perfect just the way you are.

Photo by Pratita Febria
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