Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bedtime-routine for your baby!

As i sit and type this, I have my tired feet up, a truly wonderful tasting glass of my dietary herbal milk, and my darling 1 year old is sleeping peacefully beside me with her comfy blanket.
By the way, bedtime for Naaya is now between 7-8pm and this leaves me with something that i haven't had experienced in a rather long time - 'me time'. Browsing, listening to some music (and dancing a bit too :p), finishing some of my new books, etc.
Getting Naaya into this routine, honestly wasn't easy, but thanks God i did it and things have drastically changed and now i get the time that i'm badly craved.

Here's how I get my baby into a routine:
  • Chose a bedtime that was reasonable for your baby and for you
  • Keep the lights low.
  • Lower the TV volume or any voices around your baby
  • Give the last milk just before 'bedtime', which her falls asleep with.
  • Make sure their nappy has been changed and their pyjamas are on before the last milk.
  • Once they fall asleep, take 'em to their bed, put their blanket and night light on and don't forget to give them goodnight kisses
  • If your babies wakes, soothe back to sleep with potentially more milk (if needed), kisses, or cuddles
  • Feet up and enjoy the rest of the night!

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