Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Teeth is coming!

You finally working on growing your first teeth! You had a bad week, in this last week of being 13 months, where we can see your swollen gums and we saw you with lots of fussy, a loss of appetite and a general air of sadness. Cheer up, Baby Naaj! You can get through it! XOXO

(Picture taken by iPhone 5 - Sorry for the bad quality)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I have been wondering whether to write this post for a while. Its been hard to put into words and mainly because for me its an emotional subject. I am talking about breastfeeding and it has been more than 1 year my experience of it. I want to breastfeeding my baby because of the health benefits and I really looked forward to the bond it would create. It had never been a question for me whether I would breastfeed my child once I had one. Not only because the moment Naaya's was placed on my chest, she instinctively fed and I gazed down at her with so much love. It was a scene I had envisioned in my head if i had a baby and it was playing out just as I had imagined. Even if i have to feeding her a few hours after she was born, at least there is no issues and i felt so blessed because things were exactly as they should be. 

I learn as much as i can about breastfeeding before Naaya was born. I am reading lots of breastfeeding article on the Internet because i thought the more i know about how to get started and the benefits of nursing, the more likely i am to succeed at it. 

T be honest, I'm a bit discomfort when Naaya's first latches on, especially in the first hours before my milk has come in. Naaya has an amazingly strong suck for such a tiny person. It’s a lot like a snapping turtle! it only took a hour to get her latched on correctly and my milk finally came in.
The next few days in the hospital, breastfeeding Naaya is such an easy-peasy. There's nothing to be worry about, but after 3 days breastfeeding her, i started to feel that my boobs becoming really painful and breastfeeding her start to get more difficult. Then i realize that the problem was that I had so much milk. My boobs getting so big and i feel so uncomfortable, even it is so painful when i accidentaly touched it.

During the first week of nursing, i had a nipple soreness. I read about this a lot, this one is the most common reasons new mothers give for discontinuing breastfeeding. I try to convince myself that is just a short-term problem, and can usually be corrected in a matter of days. But experiencing bleeding and cracked nipples really drives me crazy. It's really hurt.
My mother in law, my mother, my husband, and everyone around me is really supportive. They helped me a lot through this hard phase and i felt so blessed. 

I was lucky enough to stay at home with Naaya so she was breastfed exclusively until now. I have been 14 months breastfeeding her, but i was really confused by her right now. Since she got HMFD a few days ago, she refused to drink her breastmilk... I know, when babies were sick they will lost their appetite on almost everything, but it's been 14 days and she still refuses her breastmilk. Did anyone ever experience this? I really want to breastfeed her until she was 2 years old and i can't stop now. I'll soon talk to my pediatrician about this, hoping that he can give me some advice to fix this problem. Naaya keep on drinking her UHT Milk Full Cream and she can drink 5 box of 125ml UHT each day. That's such a lot of milk for her! I don't know what's wrong with her or what's wrong with my milk, but my breast is getting bigger and painful each and every day πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ What should i do?

(In writing about breastfeeding, I am always conscious of not wishing to offend those people to whom breastfeeding was not an option for them. I know personally how hard it can be for some people and without the right support, it is a heartbreaking situation. Whilst I am passionate about breastfeeding I hate the thought of ostracising anyone or making anyone feel they made the wrong decision. I always support every mothers in all situations, whether they breast-fed or not.)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 in Review

2013 - what a year! It's had its downs, a whole lot of downs. But it's also had its ups, which have trumped all of the downs along the way. It's certainly been one of the toughest years of my life, but now things are looking better and we're looking to 2014 with the hopes of a healthier year all round!

January. Our 1st year wedding anniversary! No celebration, Just a cuddle-day with my hubby and we've got a new angel sleeping beside us ❤️

February. Inaaya starts gaining her Instagram followers since aunty Raisa (A singer, my brother-in-law best friend) posted her picture on Instagram. The journey of greatest likes, comments, daily pictures of Inaaya Arcilla starts here.

March. It is the first time we hear our little darling, Inaaya, laughed. (2nd March) Now i know why people called it "the best sound ever". Unless it's 2 AM. And you don't have a baby. Classic joke :p

April. The Celebration Month.
I'm celebrating my birthday on the 1st April, and 2nd April was my husband birthday. Yeah we are really that close. Sometimes people around us find it really funny (and confusing too) how we both celebrate our birthday. Today he surprised me and in the next few hours i'll surprised him too. Its kinda weird, huh? :p
3rd April, it's always be the time for me and my husband to remember how we're start dating back in 2008. (Oh, and today i saw my little darling roll her body for the first time)
4th April, Naaya's turning 4 months! What a crazy month.

May. Naaya's turning 6 months old and this month, we are introducing her to a solid food. Everyone in the house wants to feed her 😊

June. Naaya was sitting for the first time. Historical moment, i remember screaming the hel* out of excitement.

July. I love reading some UK favorite parenting blogs, so this month, i decided to make my own parenting blog, which is still new in my country. I hope it can be the best parenting blog in the next few years. *fingercrossed*

August. Lil' angel is now 8 months old and this month she had her first photoshoot because we forgot to shoot her newborn pictures.

September. An exciting month for us, Inaaya signs a contract for her first TVC for Mother and Baby Indonesia

October. One of the cutest moments, lil' angel got her 1'st haircut at the salon. Ugh, she had an insanely long hair, her hair started getting in her eyes so i had to cutting her bangs.

November. This month was my mom's birthday, i haven't really celebrate her birthday in such a long time so i decided to bring little Naaya to her house, so Naaya can give her lovely nana a cake and a candle to blow on midnight. I know she was working hard on her store, and even forgot her birthday but i was so glad to see how happy she is that day.

December. Inaaya Arcilla's 1st Birthday Party celebrated with a Candyland Theme with close family & friends. Also this month was Naaya's very first trip going out of town. We're heading to Puncak and we're all having so much fun! (We took it as a lesson before we decided to take her abroad 😘)

So here's just a little review from me. Let's cheers to a happy & healthy 2014.
From our family to yours, Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Love Letter from Mommy

I love your beautiful smile
I love your infectious giggle
I love your determination to get the things you couldn’t or shouldn’t have
I love how you love the camera especially when it suddenly turn into a flash mode.
I love it when we walked in or out of your room, when we thought you were asleep, you would lift your chest up, crane your neck and grin at us.
I love when you smiled whenever Mummy or Daddy entered the room.
I love how you flapped your arms with excitement and when you were really excited your whole body trembled and you scrunched up your face with delight.
I love how you cried the second you were in a room on your own.
I love your long thick eyelashes and bright sparkling brown eyes. Beautiful brown eyes.
I love your long lock of hair that curled on the back
I loved when you crawl in a nappy-free mode after your bath especially in our fluffy rug
I love to see that you loved music and would clap along to Mummy’s singing. You had a bit of a thing for Wheel’s On The Bus and Bing
I love how you play in our bed early in the morning. and i can hear you said "papa" everytime you get up. Its not me you were looking for in the morning but your big daddy. Am a bit jealous here :p
I love to see your serious-face everytime you see daddy's old turtle and gettin' so excited when you saw it coming your way.
I love (and hate it too) when you chewing on EVERYTHING.
I love how excited you are about being in the car and sitting peacefully on your car seat while watching Barney.
I love how you giggled and smiled when we blew the wind to your face or pretended to feast on your tummy.
I love to see you stick out your tongue! You were such a playful, cheeky little thing.
I love how you snuggled up tight and rested your head on our shoulders when we cuddled you
I love how if i bent my heads to one side you would copy me and giggle and make it into a game. So cute!
I love how you shake your head everytime we said, "No no no"
I love how you looked so pleased with yourself each time you did something new.
I love how you would try to steal food from our plates.
I love your determination to feed yourself with a spoon. Baby, thats a mess.
I love how you adored watching another kids play.
I love to see you loved the bath and do the splashing.
I love your gurgles and giggles and how you used to babble and chat away to yourself all of the time.
I love to see you love the people around you
I love how your smile could light up a room. Such a beautiful smile. Such a beauty.

I love you, Inaaya Arcilla.

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