Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 in Review

2013 - what a year! It's had its downs, a whole lot of downs. But it's also had its ups, which have trumped all of the downs along the way. It's certainly been one of the toughest years of my life, but now things are looking better and we're looking to 2014 with the hopes of a healthier year all round!

January. Our 1st year wedding anniversary! No celebration, Just a cuddle-day with my hubby and we've got a new angel sleeping beside us ❤️

February. Inaaya starts gaining her Instagram followers since aunty Raisa (A singer, my brother-in-law best friend) posted her picture on Instagram. The journey of greatest likes, comments, daily pictures of Inaaya Arcilla starts here.

March. It is the first time we hear our little darling, Inaaya, laughed. (2nd March) Now i know why people called it "the best sound ever". Unless it's 2 AM. And you don't have a baby. Classic joke :p

April. The Celebration Month.
I'm celebrating my birthday on the 1st April, and 2nd April was my husband birthday. Yeah we are really that close. Sometimes people around us find it really funny (and confusing too) how we both celebrate our birthday. Today he surprised me and in the next few hours i'll surprised him too. Its kinda weird, huh? :p
3rd April, it's always be the time for me and my husband to remember how we're start dating back in 2008. (Oh, and today i saw my little darling roll her body for the first time)
4th April, Naaya's turning 4 months! What a crazy month.

May. Naaya's turning 6 months old and this month, we are introducing her to a solid food. Everyone in the house wants to feed her 😊

June. Naaya was sitting for the first time. Historical moment, i remember screaming the hel* out of excitement.

July. I love reading some UK favorite parenting blogs, so this month, i decided to make my own parenting blog, which is still new in my country. I hope it can be the best parenting blog in the next few years. *fingercrossed*

August. Lil' angel is now 8 months old and this month she had her first photoshoot because we forgot to shoot her newborn pictures.

September. An exciting month for us, Inaaya signs a contract for her first TVC for Mother and Baby Indonesia

October. One of the cutest moments, lil' angel got her 1'st haircut at the salon. Ugh, she had an insanely long hair, her hair started getting in her eyes so i had to cutting her bangs.

November. This month was my mom's birthday, i haven't really celebrate her birthday in such a long time so i decided to bring little Naaya to her house, so Naaya can give her lovely nana a cake and a candle to blow on midnight. I know she was working hard on her store, and even forgot her birthday but i was so glad to see how happy she is that day.

December. Inaaya Arcilla's 1st Birthday Party celebrated with a Candyland Theme with close family & friends. Also this month was Naaya's very first trip going out of town. We're heading to Puncak and we're all having so much fun! (We took it as a lesson before we decided to take her abroad 😘)

So here's just a little review from me. Let's cheers to a happy & healthy 2014.
From our family to yours, Happy New Year!

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