Thursday, January 2, 2014

Love Letter from Mommy

I love your beautiful smile
I love your infectious giggle
I love your determination to get the things you couldn’t or shouldn’t have
I love how you love the camera especially when it suddenly turn into a flash mode.
I love it when we walked in or out of your room, when we thought you were asleep, you would lift your chest up, crane your neck and grin at us.
I love when you smiled whenever Mummy or Daddy entered the room.
I love how you flapped your arms with excitement and when you were really excited your whole body trembled and you scrunched up your face with delight.
I love how you cried the second you were in a room on your own.
I love your long thick eyelashes and bright sparkling brown eyes. Beautiful brown eyes.
I love your long lock of hair that curled on the back
I loved when you crawl in a nappy-free mode after your bath especially in our fluffy rug
I love to see that you loved music and would clap along to Mummy’s singing. You had a bit of a thing for Wheel’s On The Bus and Bing
I love how you play in our bed early in the morning. and i can hear you said "papa" everytime you get up. Its not me you were looking for in the morning but your big daddy. Am a bit jealous here :p
I love to see your serious-face everytime you see daddy's old turtle and gettin' so excited when you saw it coming your way.
I love (and hate it too) when you chewing on EVERYTHING.
I love how excited you are about being in the car and sitting peacefully on your car seat while watching Barney.
I love how you giggled and smiled when we blew the wind to your face or pretended to feast on your tummy.
I love to see you stick out your tongue! You were such a playful, cheeky little thing.
I love how you snuggled up tight and rested your head on our shoulders when we cuddled you
I love how if i bent my heads to one side you would copy me and giggle and make it into a game. So cute!
I love how you shake your head everytime we said, "No no no"
I love how you looked so pleased with yourself each time you did something new.
I love how you would try to steal food from our plates.
I love your determination to feed yourself with a spoon. Baby, thats a mess.
I love how you adored watching another kids play.
I love to see you loved the bath and do the splashing.
I love your gurgles and giggles and how you used to babble and chat away to yourself all of the time.
I love to see you love the people around you
I love how your smile could light up a room. Such a beautiful smile. Such a beauty.

I love you, Inaaya Arcilla.


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