Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Taking Toddler for Afternoon Tea

Yesterday, i was invited to go for an afternoon tea with my sister-in-law. Thinking about afternoon tea, i was hoping a long lazy afternoon while sipping a hot chamomile tea, and a lovely, quiet atmosphere. Well, afternoon tea was good for mums, really. But not so good for baby! So for all the mums without any caretaker or babysitter, hmm, i'll be honest with you that you are way too far from any kind of luxury tea party. WAY TOO FAR. My baby pulls to stand on whatever looks handy -- the tea table, the couch, the baby chair. She's still rely on one of my hand to walked around so there's no way i can enjoy the rest of the party, and my chamomile tea is getting cold. She pretty much beat up through my whole meal, making me feel like the worst mummy in the world. Purrrfect.

Here's some of the tips to get your baby to an afternoon tea / Tea Party:

  • Make sure his/her tummy was full before you get there so you're not gonna feed them there. Your clothes will be a victims.
  • Give him/her the last milk and put him to sleep on their stroller if its possible. Don't forget t o bring their favorite blankie (this also can be useful to cover breast-feeding mums to nursing in public),
  • Packed his/her favorite snacks ads an allies ;p You can also bring their favorite toys or iPad or iPod to keep him/her entertained.
  • Bring extra bibs and better keep their bibs on as they always make a mess on our sandwiches, and cakes.

Enjoying her spaghetti, Don't care about the messy hair.

Start making a mess!

Bloom like the most beautiful flowers :)

Just another mess...

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