Monday, April 28, 2014

HMFD.... You totally sucks.

Hello everyone?
How's ur day? How's ur weekend?

It feels like i've been missing a lot of things these few weeks! Been 2 weeks since my last update in here now i feel so guilty because i make you guys wondering, "Where have you been, Naaya!??"

So here i am now, sitting around while watching Daddy and Naaya sleeping peacefully next to each other. There's a lot of things happened around the house lately, but the worst part is, Naaya is not in her best conditions. The only thing that i knew is that she got HMFD (Hand, Mouth, Foot Disease) caused by the coxsackie-whatever-it-is-called virus. And that is totally...... sucks. I definitely got a panic-attack while i took her to the doctor that day. I remember it was a fine afternoon when i took little Naaya to the mall near our house. We're just sitting down at a Japanese restaurant to enjoy some sushi until she had a mild fever so i decided to take her home. I'm sure it is not that bad, paracetamol syrup will fix this stuff for me. When i was about to changing her clothes, i finally realize there's a few small, blister-like sores in my baby's hands and feet. The sores also spread up to the backs of her legs to her bottom and genitals. And it spread really fast all over her legs. *collapse*

The doctor told me not to be panic but to keep her get a full rest at home. HMFD is very contagious and easily passes from person to person. He also told me that babies can catch it if someone coughs or sneezes near them, or from contact with poo, saliva, or fluid from the sores. If babies catches the disease, they will be most contagious a few days before symptoms appear, so it can be hard to prevent. OHHHHH GOD, whose sneezing around her!? Seriously?!
Doctor finally decided to open her mouth and i saw that small-red-blister all over her mouth and gums... that's why she refuse to eat and even ignoring her breastmilk. My heart is really broken to see her that way. I got 2 sores on my mouth a few weeks ago and it hurts me so badly, now you tell me how is it feel when a baby can have so-many-uncountable sores in her mouth? Can anyone feel what i feel? :(

Well, it's been 4 days and she's getting a lot better. She started to eat her porridge and drink fresh juice and UHT Milk, but she still refuse her breastmilk :( Mommy got a real hard time to get through the phase where my breast is getting a lot bigger and bigger and it causes me so much pain. I have pumped at least 400ml each day of her breast milk. That’s a whole lot of hours hooked up to the milk machine. I miss breastfeeding her every night and before she goes to bed. Hopefully she will get better real soon. Be a strong girl, little darling! Mommy loves you :)

Monday, April 14, 2014



Thursday, April 10, 2014


Yesterday, we just got a sweet treats from Dulcet Patisserie, a haven for self-indulgence in the most exquisite cakes and patisseries. They offer low-fat and less sugar home-made pastries. It was their 3rd time sending us their lovely cakes. We've already tasted their Cupcakes and Kiwi Shortcake before, and now it's time for us to taste their signature Choux Sable!

 The box color..... suits me the best!

 Green Tea and Vanilla flavor!

Heavenly dessert. With a crunchy crust over the soft choux pastry and the yummy green-tea cream inside.

Now please help me choose, which one should mommy eat? This cutie-patootie's cheeks or or Dulcet's choux sable? :p

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We are going to Farmers Market for monthly grocery shopping today. Buy some organic fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, yoghurt, pasta, etc -- for Naaya's daily meal--
Naaya is sitting peacefully on her stroller while enjoying her organic orange. By the way, she's picking out her own dress today, look how adorable she is!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Meet my cutie-patootie!
This little lady got her own style. Standing out, yet fitting in at the same time :)

She rocks that Babiators. You can never go wrong with Pink!

After such a long and tiring day, This cutie-patootie deserves some candy!

Headband : Peek-a-bow Attalier
Jumpsuit : Gingersnaps
Socks : Osh Kosh
Shoes : Zara

Monday, April 7, 2014


How's your day fellas?

I know, It's sounds like a boring questions for some people, but really, i was wondering about what's everyone been doing lately? I'm really really sorry for the lack of post these few weeks. I miss blogging very much but these crazy weeks of mine won't let me type anything here.... Duh!
About our life lately, Naaya's getting a lot of sponsor this month and i need to take a billion of photos each and every day just to make sure everyone will be happy seeing her pictures. Mommy also taking care of Arcilland new blog design (Read about the Arcilland's New Look here) and now i was too excited to post something fresh and new here, ALSO there's something really really special coming this year! They're about to come VERY SOON. (Curious? Just keep an aye on our Social Media for an update 💝)

So here's a little refreshment for everyone who's been missing little Naaya on blog!
Yesterday, we are going to Rockstar Gym, a a one-stop, children’s total development center designed to enhance physical, socio-emotional and cognitive skills in a fun, caring and safe environment at Gandaria City for a trial class. RG focuses on gymnastics as their main program, their curriculum is based on the USAG Junior Olympics program. There's a Baby Gymnastics, Baby Jumper, Baby Swimming, also Mommy and me Yoga class for Naaya. The equipments here are professional-grade, they have a very spacious area, and the teachers are qualified. The gym is fully padded, with vault, balance beams, trampoline (not the small one you can buy at ACE Hardware but the huge one, at least 2 meters x 8 meters). Naaya is an active bunch, she's unable to sit in one place for long and because she have lots of energy to burn, i think RG is the best place to burn all of her energy! I can't wait to took her on the next class.

My little ballerina!

(Sorry for the bad quality pictures, i forgot to bring my camera into the gym area. I'll post some awesome pictures on her next appointment)


Welcome to the new Arcilland. Mommy has been working hard for weeks, designing and perfecting our new blog design. We are collaborating with Shortcut Website Development and I love how clean and simple it is and how easy it is to navigate through it. Thank you, Shortcut!
The site has some new functions that I am very excited about. We have a new pages to discover, we have a “pin it” function to all of our photos so pinning photos is really easy. We have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook section on the sidebar, one of my favorite features, that showcases all of my Social Media so everyone can keep an aye for any update of us. We also have a new website page, which is still being built, that I am very excited about to tell you REAL SOON. If you cannot find something that you are looking for you can use our new search box in the side bar. We are going to have a couple of new features that you will see on the side bar that are coming soon once i got a new contributor who's willing to submit their work into our blog. (For more contributor info you can check our FAQ's)

A giant thank you to Andi from Shortcut Web for all of his hard work and sacrifices over midnight work :p I thank you all for your patience over the past week. I finally been able to post some pictures on Instagram and some new post on Blog. I really love how the site turned out and I hope that you do too. Have a look around and do let us know if you see any mistakes or glitches. Thank you all so much. Be sure to bookmark this new site, and don't forget to follow our blog! I am really excited for what’s to come next.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Potty Training! Amazing!

Wondering how will you know when your little darling is ready to potty train? The answer is: When-they-are-ready. No need to force them.  I've read some articles that most children become potty trained between 18 months and three years old. Well, as a proud parents i would like to tell the whole world that my little darling was out of nappies much sooner! She's still peeing on her nappies but pooping? A BIG NO. Once she turning 1 year old, she's already understand that she needs to go to the toilet everytime she wants to poo-poo. I can see her stop what ever she was doing and concentrate hard, then she will touch her tummy and said, "Poo" and i'll take her to the toilet, and she will sitting down on her potty peacefully. It was totally amazing because she just 1 year old! Am proud, so proud of her. Now, i can be more relax to take her out with me nowadays. No need to worries about the disgusting-messy-poo-poo anymore. She's such a smart girl, always learn by the imitation. My little darling.

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