Monday, April 7, 2014


How's your day fellas?

I know, It's sounds like a boring questions for some people, but really, i was wondering about what's everyone been doing lately? I'm really really sorry for the lack of post these few weeks. I miss blogging very much but these crazy weeks of mine won't let me type anything here.... Duh!
About our life lately, Naaya's getting a lot of sponsor this month and i need to take a billion of photos each and every day just to make sure everyone will be happy seeing her pictures. Mommy also taking care of Arcilland new blog design (Read about the Arcilland's New Look here) and now i was too excited to post something fresh and new here, ALSO there's something really really special coming this year! They're about to come VERY SOON. (Curious? Just keep an aye on our Social Media for an update 💝)

So here's a little refreshment for everyone who's been missing little Naaya on blog!
Yesterday, we are going to Rockstar Gym, a a one-stop, children’s total development center designed to enhance physical, socio-emotional and cognitive skills in a fun, caring and safe environment at Gandaria City for a trial class. RG focuses on gymnastics as their main program, their curriculum is based on the USAG Junior Olympics program. There's a Baby Gymnastics, Baby Jumper, Baby Swimming, also Mommy and me Yoga class for Naaya. The equipments here are professional-grade, they have a very spacious area, and the teachers are qualified. The gym is fully padded, with vault, balance beams, trampoline (not the small one you can buy at ACE Hardware but the huge one, at least 2 meters x 8 meters). Naaya is an active bunch, she's unable to sit in one place for long and because she have lots of energy to burn, i think RG is the best place to burn all of her energy! I can't wait to took her on the next class.

My little ballerina!

(Sorry for the bad quality pictures, i forgot to bring my camera into the gym area. I'll post some awesome pictures on her next appointment)

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