Monday, April 28, 2014

HMFD.... You totally sucks.

Hello everyone?
How's ur day? How's ur weekend?

It feels like i've been missing a lot of things these few weeks! Been 2 weeks since my last update in here now i feel so guilty because i make you guys wondering, "Where have you been, Naaya!??"

So here i am now, sitting around while watching Daddy and Naaya sleeping peacefully next to each other. There's a lot of things happened around the house lately, but the worst part is, Naaya is not in her best conditions. The only thing that i knew is that she got HMFD (Hand, Mouth, Foot Disease) caused by the coxsackie-whatever-it-is-called virus. And that is totally...... sucks. I definitely got a panic-attack while i took her to the doctor that day. I remember it was a fine afternoon when i took little Naaya to the mall near our house. We're just sitting down at a Japanese restaurant to enjoy some sushi until she had a mild fever so i decided to take her home. I'm sure it is not that bad, paracetamol syrup will fix this stuff for me. When i was about to changing her clothes, i finally realize there's a few small, blister-like sores in my baby's hands and feet. The sores also spread up to the backs of her legs to her bottom and genitals. And it spread really fast all over her legs. *collapse*

The doctor told me not to be panic but to keep her get a full rest at home. HMFD is very contagious and easily passes from person to person. He also told me that babies can catch it if someone coughs or sneezes near them, or from contact with poo, saliva, or fluid from the sores. If babies catches the disease, they will be most contagious a few days before symptoms appear, so it can be hard to prevent. OHHHHH GOD, whose sneezing around her!? Seriously?!
Doctor finally decided to open her mouth and i saw that small-red-blister all over her mouth and gums... that's why she refuse to eat and even ignoring her breastmilk. My heart is really broken to see her that way. I got 2 sores on my mouth a few weeks ago and it hurts me so badly, now you tell me how is it feel when a baby can have so-many-uncountable sores in her mouth? Can anyone feel what i feel? :(

Well, it's been 4 days and she's getting a lot better. She started to eat her porridge and drink fresh juice and UHT Milk, but she still refuse her breastmilk :( Mommy got a real hard time to get through the phase where my breast is getting a lot bigger and bigger and it causes me so much pain. I have pumped at least 400ml each day of her breast milk. That’s a whole lot of hours hooked up to the milk machine. I miss breastfeeding her every night and before she goes to bed. Hopefully she will get better real soon. Be a strong girl, little darling! Mommy loves you :)


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