Friday, May 30, 2014

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Outfit Post - Denimlicious

Once upon a time in a fashionable kingdom, The Queen, Inaaya Arcilla, suddenly wore denim on denim, not an expensive dress with gold and pearls anymore. And her mother was denim-in-love!

 Hair Clip: Peek-a-Bow, Shirt and Pants: Gingersnaps, Socks: Osh Kosh, Shoes: Mothercare

First check up!

Enjoying her Avocado Juice while waiting for the doctor

It's time to see the doctor again! After being hospitalized for 4 days because of dengue fever, my happy-kid is finally back again! Well, she had lost a little weight, which i'm sure that she will soon put it back on :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Outfit Post - In Denim We Trust

Headband Unbranded, Denim Vest; Gingersnap, Top; Gingersnap, Legging; Vivia Wiharja, Socks; Oshkosh, Shoes; Zara

Dengue Fever

So everyone's here know that my baby girl has been sick since Tuesday Night. It all started with a sudden high fever, 39.4 C, which is her highest body temperature so far and i can see her feeling unwell, and she got a poor feeding and drinking habit that day. I tried to give her Tempra Syrup every 4 hours and the fever won't go away. I also tried Kool Fever on her forehead all night and the next morning i found out that her body temperature is getting higher, which is 39.9 C. We brought her to Emergency that night because she was so lethargic and can't do anything but sleeping on my chest all night. The emergency doctor said its probably a virus and she gave her some meds for her fever, given through the anus. In the next 1 hour, her temperature going down to 37.0 C so they allow me to go home. I settle down, think that she was just too tired or something.

The next day her fever is coming up again, this time was 39.9 C and i was totally panic. I brought her to my pediatrician as fast as i can, and when we got there, she suddenly got bleeding from her gums without any injury. My pediatrician immediately advised me to do a blood test to my baby girl but i'm wondering how on earth they get a 17 month old baby to stay still long enough for them to put a needle into their little vein to get blood!? Will she scream like a merry-hell and will it make me cry because she's distressed?? God....

After waiting for 3 hours to get the result, my pediatrician told me that Naaya needs to be hospitalized because her blood platelet is 114.000 which is below the average and she was dehydrated. God, i really didn't expect this kind of situation.... Hospitalized? Really?
So, i arrange the registration and administration as fast as i can to make sure my baby got the rapid handling from the hospital but...... shi* happens HERE. By typing HERE i mean, ONE BIG KNOWN HOSPITAL NEAR MY HOUSE. HERE, they didn't allow my baby to get into the VIP room because it was full but there's one room left but i have to wait for 3 hours... What!? My baby is DEHYDRATED, have you learn that phrase before you work at the hospital? Then i tried to ask them to get my baby laying down on the emergency room but they didn't allowed me. REALLY? I got a cover letter from my pediatrician and you guys STILL WON'T LET MY BABY IN?
Grrrrr, morale has been really low in here and that makes me a bit bad tempered. (Sorry)
But that is absolutely no excuse for what has happened that day. They want me to "WAIT". Nothing is more powerful than a mother's instinct when it comes to her own child. MY BABY IS LETHARGIC, and the question is, since when a receptionist deciding when a patient can lay down? After a long conversation (and a bit of screams), they finally let my baby in. Thank God.

We went straight to the child care spaces, because Naaya needs to be infused as soon as possible. I hold my baby real tight and saw the nurse checking her veins and GOD, I have never done this before and i tried to close my eyes because i didn't want to see the nurse coming with the needle, i swear i wanted to die seeing my baby crying.....
There's another nurse in the room and she telling her friend to pull it out slowly till she get the vein. and she still couldnt get my baby vein... After two trials on my baby left hand, they are moving on her right hand and i was like, "SERIOUSLY? Why can't you find her veins?" I suspect it straight away that this nurse got no experience on a baby. 4 nurses come in, and still they couldn't find her veins and they couldn't get any blood out, and they were wriggling the needle in there, pulling it out then putting it back in over and over! I was almost in tears over it and i'm asking them to stop! It was horrible to have to hold her arms still so they could dig about in there. After SIX times trying to get her veins, the old nurse finally get the vein on Naaya's feet. I'm sorry to say, it was a bad experience and i'm not going back there. The nurses are incompetent, the hospital itself doesn't fit the service of international standard (as what they said) - My baby got a bruise on her hand, she was scared of the nurses, i can see her got a lasting trauma for the hospital. I hate this, i really hate this situation.

Her blood platelet count is 114.000, then 103.000, down again around 96.000, and then 84.000 on her 2nd day.

3rd day,  she's looking healthy and have a rising platelet around 93.000, so i was happy to know that we might going home tomorrow!

She can't sleep without hugging and hold into momma's hair :)

Well, thas been the longest most miserable week ever. Seeing my baby girl getting poked and have so many tests done was so hard. However, she's home now but she's looking tired soooooo it's gonna be a week full of rest at home! Ciao!

*PS: Sorry i can't type long enough today, Naaya was standing beside me and asked me to play :p See you on the next post! :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Talkshow So Klin Liquid with Indy Barends

As a mother and woman, it is me in a household who makes the decisions in the majority of purchases. I was very careful in choosing a product, especially for my family. When it comes to choosing products, sometimes I came up with myself, some I learned from family or friends, and some I picked up along the way from sources unknown.

Yesterday. One Detergent Company, So Klin, invited me to come to their Talkshow with their Brand Ambassador, Indy Barends. I was really excited to come because i'm the mother who still confused about what kind of detergent should i use to my family (except my baby, she's using her own Baby Detergent not the general one due to her skin sensitivity). There are thousands of different detergent formulas on the market. Everyone loves the scent of fresh laundry, but there’s more to consider than just the smell for me. People may ask, it's just a detergent. Why choosing the right detergent matters?
Some just buy what their mother used and others buy what’s on sale. But for me, i have my own household needs and i need a detergent that won't wasting my time, money, water and other environmental resources just because i choose the wrong products.

Sitting on the front row of the talkshow, i was excited to hear about what this products could bring to me, as a wife and mother. With two host and Indy Barends (Brand Ambassador of So Klin) and Fifi Alfianto as the Guest, i was listening carefully to what they said about this products and its benefits. It's sound like any other detergent commercial so i want to give it a try first.

Fun Talkshow with Indy Barends and Friends

1) Who doesn't love goodies bag? 2) Seen the spirit of a mother when buying So Klin Liquid. 3) The winner of So Klin Liquid Selfie Competition is....... 4) After the show 5) The Winner of So Klin Writing Competition. 6),7) Hijab Tutorial by Fifi Alvianto 8) Curious mother wants to take So Klin Liquid home!

For those whose been curious about this product, SoKlin liquid detergent is a concentrated liquid detergent, providing superior tough stain removal better than the ordinary liquid detergent. It contains an antibacterial formula that eliminates germs that can cause unpleasant malodour smell and prevent musty smell that arises from long soaking time. It contains a delightful long-lasting aroma and easy clean formula that easy to dissolve and easy to rinse. Hmm, sounds like these detergent can save my housemaid some time to do the fast-laundry and move on to other household-stuff around the house if its really that simple. After the talkshow i went home right away and give it a try by myself on my husband's clothes.

After a few trial of using this product, for me it really give a high standard of cleaning and flexibility of dosage. I also find it more convenient to use, and their ready dissolution make them particularly suitable for low temperature washing. It is really soft, its not gonna burn your hand and it keeps my clothing colors bright. I also tried to soak my husband's clothes overnight and the result is ODORLESS (WOW?). That's a plus one. I really hate it when my clothes smells bad especially when i need to get to work, even Channel No. 5 will not helping it :p

So i really-really recommend this product, not because they were inviting me to their event and i suddenly think that this products is super great! But its because i gave it a tried by myself then i decided to re-purchasing this products yesterday! I challenge you to used to this products as soon as possible! Haha, trust me, some mothers like us will be most loyal to their detergent as they are to their favorite coffee when they find the right one :p

Super Mommies choose So Klin Liquid!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Superlova by FIMELA.COM

Good morning! I got my lazy smile under the blanket and sleepy eyes that made me think of freshly ground dark roast espresso beans right now. It's been such a hard months for me and my husband since my little darling, Naaya, got sick. Every parent wants a healthy baby, but occasional infections and fevers are inevitable. As soon as she's getting better from HMFD, she suddenly got a high fever. Yes, suddenly. Its kinda weird because we aren't taking her anywhere these weeks and she got lots of rest in her room. Am going crazy, hopefully it is just a fever during the teething phase. By going through shit storms, feeling uninspired, having guilt over not accomplishing enough and not taking a good care of my baby are just some of the things that make me.... human, also mom. A mess one. And i need something to refresh my brain this week.

I was so excited when FIMELA.COM sending me the invitation to come over their WOR(L)D OF WOMEN CONFERENCE - #Superlova. The main topic is about the Women's Power and Mastering Love, that's sound interesting for me. My husband is really supportive and know that i really need to go so he decided to stay around the house ALL DAY, with Naaya, with JUST THE TWO of them. WOW, I have the best husband a wife could possibly have. (Don't be too confident when you read this, okay?)

The talkshow begin around 10.00 AM, with Rosianna Silalahi as the 1st host with Okky Asokawati as the 1st Inspirator. At the first session, Okky talk about How to Surviving Love. Her presentation teach me about what kind of love we have which now i know that Me and My Husband is experiencing the Passionate Love since we've been dating for almost 7 years and got married for more than 2 years. I started to know about each other Types of Personality, The Language of Love, The Problems of Love and How to Solve it. It is really inspiring especially for married woman.

Next session, with Gery Pur as the 2nd host, we got Indra Noveldi from @NasihatNikah as a Relationship Coach, Dr. Febriansyah Darus, SPOG and Beauty Blogger, Harumi Sudrajat from @MyTipsCantik. This session talks about The Relationship before Marriage and Dr. Febriansyah talks based on the medical side about how important it is to get a Pre-Marital Screening before you got married. (You can read more about the Pre-Marital Screening here)

Then, Cici Panda walks in, we got Raffi Ahmad, Ruli Tampubolon, and Steny Agustaf. They expressing their opinions about women's love obsession, its really fun and full of honest talk from men's heart. Now i know that they don't like the pressure from the women, men's denial were higher then us as a woman, they really wants a women with a beauty inside and out, a smart one, and the one who can go along with their family, and Mother is the very important part of every man's life. Interesting.

Sadly, there's still a lot of Inspirator i want to see but the clock doesn't allow me to stay in the ballroom because i need to get down to the Grand Atrium of Kota Kasablanka to covering So Klin Liquid Talkshow held by the same company, FIMELA.COM. I'll post the story soon!
So let me know, is there anyone going to the #Superlova too? I'm curious about the session that i miss!


Thursday, May 15, 2014


Spent the afternoon with lil' bunny today. Mommy is taking a lot of her pictures. For the three or so hours I was with her,  I don’t think she went a minute without smiling or giggling. I observed her as he riotously ran around our house, letting out shrieks of excitement. She was happy, way too happy. We were caught up in fleeting moment after fleeting moment, and for those three hours we were completely in the now without any exigency. She's a toddler now. She's great role models. She was free spirits in the purest form, reeking of innocence and mirth. I love her too much.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Breastfeeding Journey is Over?

I have been wondering whether to write this post for a while. Its been hard to put into words and mainly because for me its an emotional subject. I am talking about breastfeeding and it has been more than 1 year my experience of it. I want to breastfeeding my baby because of the health benefits and I really looked forward to the bond it would create. It had never been a question for me whether I would breastfeed my child once I had one. Not only because the moment Naaya's was placed on my chest, she instinctively fed and I gazed down at her with so much love. It was a scene I had envisioned in my head if i had a baby and it was playing out just as I had imagined. Even if i have to feeding her a few hours after she was born, at least there is no issues and i felt so blessed because things were exactly as they should be.

I learn as much as i can about breastfeeding before Naaya was born. I am reading lots of breastfeeding article on the Internet because i thought the more i know about how to get started and the benefits of nursing, the more likely i am to succeed at it.

To be honest, I'm a bit discomfort when Naaya's first latches on, especially in the first hours before my milk has come in. Naaya has an amazingly strong suck for such a tiny person. It’s a lot like a snapping turtle! it only took a hour to get her latched on correctly and my milk finally came in.
The next few days in the hospital, breastfeeding Naaya is such an easy-peasy. There's nothing to be worry about, but after 3 days breastfeeding her, i started to feel that my boobs becoming really painful and breastfeeding her start to get more difficult. Then i realize that the problem was that I had so much milk. My boobs getting so big and i feel so uncomfortable, even it is so painful when i accidentaly touched it.

During the first week of nursing, i had a nipple soreness. I read about this a lot, this one is the most common reasons new mothers give for discontinuing breastfeeding. I try to convince myself that is just a short-term problem, and can usually be corrected in a matter of days. But experiencing bleeding and cracked nipples really drives me crazy. It's really hurt.
My mother in law, my mother, my husband, and everyone around me is really supportive. They helped me a lot through this hard phase and i felt so blessed.

I was lucky enough to stay at home with Naaya so she was breastfed exclusively until now. I have been 14 months breastfeeding her, but i was really confused by her right now. Since she got HMFD a few days ago, she refused to drink her breastmilk... I know, when babies were sick they will lost their appetite on almost everything, but it's been 14 days and she still refuses her breastmilk. Did anyone ever experience this? I really want to breastfeed her until she was 2 years old and i can't stop now. I'll soon talk to my pediatrician about this, hoping that he can give me some advice to fix this problem. Naaya keep on drinking her UHT Milk Full Cream and she can drink 5 box of 125ml UHT each day. That's such a lot of milk for her! I don't know what's wrong with her or what's wrong with my milk, but my breast is getting bigger and painful each and every day... And i really really missed breastfeeding her. What should i do?

(In writing about breastfeeding, I am always conscious of not wishing to offend those people to whom breastfeeding was not an option for them. I know personally how hard it can be for some people and without the right support, it is a heartbreaking situation. Whilst I am passionate about breastfeeding I hate the thought of ostracising anyone or making anyone feel they made the wrong decision. I always support every mothers in all situations, whether they breast-fed or not.)

Found this amazing picture by Ari Nordhagen of Amen Photography. I love the nutritional facts stamped right there on the source. Breastfeeding is near and dear to my heart.

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