Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dengue Fever

So everyone's here know that my baby girl has been sick since Tuesday Night. It all started with a sudden high fever, 39.4 C, which is her highest body temperature so far and i can see her feeling unwell, and she got a poor feeding and drinking habit that day. I tried to give her Tempra Syrup every 4 hours and the fever won't go away. I also tried Kool Fever on her forehead all night and the next morning i found out that her body temperature is getting higher, which is 39.9 C. We brought her to Emergency that night because she was so lethargic and can't do anything but sleeping on my chest all night. The emergency doctor said its probably a virus and she gave her some meds for her fever, given through the anus. In the next 1 hour, her temperature going down to 37.0 C so they allow me to go home. I settle down, think that she was just too tired or something.

The next day her fever is coming up again, this time was 39.9 C and i was totally panic. I brought her to my pediatrician as fast as i can, and when we got there, she suddenly got bleeding from her gums without any injury. My pediatrician immediately advised me to do a blood test to my baby girl but i'm wondering how on earth they get a 17 month old baby to stay still long enough for them to put a needle into their little vein to get blood!? Will she scream like a merry-hell and will it make me cry because she's distressed?? God....

After waiting for 3 hours to get the result, my pediatrician told me that Naaya needs to be hospitalized because her blood platelet is 114.000 which is below the average and she was dehydrated. God, i really didn't expect this kind of situation.... Hospitalized? Really?
So, i arrange the registration and administration as fast as i can to make sure my baby got the rapid handling from the hospital but...... shi* happens HERE. By typing HERE i mean, ONE BIG KNOWN HOSPITAL NEAR MY HOUSE. HERE, they didn't allow my baby to get into the VIP room because it was full but there's one room left but i have to wait for 3 hours... What!? My baby is DEHYDRATED, have you learn that phrase before you work at the hospital? Then i tried to ask them to get my baby laying down on the emergency room but they didn't allowed me. REALLY? I got a cover letter from my pediatrician and you guys STILL WON'T LET MY BABY IN?
Grrrrr, morale has been really low in here and that makes me a bit bad tempered. (Sorry)
But that is absolutely no excuse for what has happened that day. They want me to "WAIT". Nothing is more powerful than a mother's instinct when it comes to her own child. MY BABY IS LETHARGIC, and the question is, since when a receptionist deciding when a patient can lay down? After a long conversation (and a bit of screams), they finally let my baby in. Thank God.

We went straight to the child care spaces, because Naaya needs to be infused as soon as possible. I hold my baby real tight and saw the nurse checking her veins and GOD, I have never done this before and i tried to close my eyes because i didn't want to see the nurse coming with the needle, i swear i wanted to die seeing my baby crying.....
There's another nurse in the room and she telling her friend to pull it out slowly till she get the vein. and she still couldnt get my baby vein... After two trials on my baby left hand, they are moving on her right hand and i was like, "SERIOUSLY? Why can't you find her veins?" I suspect it straight away that this nurse got no experience on a baby. 4 nurses come in, and still they couldn't find her veins and they couldn't get any blood out, and they were wriggling the needle in there, pulling it out then putting it back in over and over! I was almost in tears over it and i'm asking them to stop! It was horrible to have to hold her arms still so they could dig about in there. After SIX times trying to get her veins, the old nurse finally get the vein on Naaya's feet. I'm sorry to say, it was a bad experience and i'm not going back there. The nurses are incompetent, the hospital itself doesn't fit the service of international standard (as what they said) - My baby got a bruise on her hand, she was scared of the nurses, i can see her got a lasting trauma for the hospital. I hate this, i really hate this situation.

Her blood platelet count is 114.000, then 103.000, down again around 96.000, and then 84.000 on her 2nd day.

3rd day,  she's looking healthy and have a rising platelet around 93.000, so i was happy to know that we might going home tomorrow!

She can't sleep without hugging and hold into momma's hair :)

Well, thas been the longest most miserable week ever. Seeing my baby girl getting poked and have so many tests done was so hard. However, she's home now but she's looking tired soooooo it's gonna be a week full of rest at home! Ciao!

*PS: Sorry i can't type long enough today, Naaya was standing beside me and asked me to play :p See you on the next post! :)


  1. I don't think you can get mad at the nurses that couldn't find the veins... I'm 19 years old, pale skinned, and the nurses are still having difficulties in finding my veins.

  2. I totally get that thing where you panic and your maternal instincts kick in and you just feel compelled to scream at the nurses for seemingly being bumbly with the needle. I get it. But I think it would be useful to note that your daughter's veins are very, very small because she's very young. Hence, trying to find her veins is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack even for experienced nurses. Sometimes it's also difficult to find the veins of an adult!
    Instead of being angry at the nurses (again, that's a pretty natural response), you can hold her and and ensure your daughter that everything will be alright :) Nice to keep in mind if, God forbid, she ever gets hospitalized again.

  3. Setuju dgn komen di atas..apalagi saat dehidrasi,vena mudah sekali kolaps,sehingga semakin mempersulit tindakan infus..beruntung naaya masih bisa mendapatkan infus di kaki,tdk sampai hrs diinfus menembus tulang kaki (pada anak2 yg gagal diinfus melalui vena permukaan) Hal ini seharusnya dikomunikasikan oleh perawat kepada orang tua pasien..sehingga wajar kalau orang tua pasien emosi & miskomunikasi

  4. When our son was hurt at school, the doctor said he might not walk again. My son went to physical therapy and told the nurses he is walking out by Christmas. He worked harder than I thought possible. He shocked us all when he got out of his chair and walked out the week of Christmas and never needed his wheelchair again.

    Kirk White @ Med Care Pediatric


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