Sunday, May 18, 2014

Superlova by FIMELA.COM

Good morning! I got my lazy smile under the blanket and sleepy eyes that made me think of freshly ground dark roast espresso beans right now. It's been such a hard months for me and my husband since my little darling, Naaya, got sick. Every parent wants a healthy baby, but occasional infections and fevers are inevitable. As soon as she's getting better from HMFD, she suddenly got a high fever. Yes, suddenly. Its kinda weird because we aren't taking her anywhere these weeks and she got lots of rest in her room. Am going crazy, hopefully it is just a fever during the teething phase. By going through shit storms, feeling uninspired, having guilt over not accomplishing enough and not taking a good care of my baby are just some of the things that make me.... human, also mom. A mess one. And i need something to refresh my brain this week.

I was so excited when FIMELA.COM sending me the invitation to come over their WOR(L)D OF WOMEN CONFERENCE - #Superlova. The main topic is about the Women's Power and Mastering Love, that's sound interesting for me. My husband is really supportive and know that i really need to go so he decided to stay around the house ALL DAY, with Naaya, with JUST THE TWO of them. WOW, I have the best husband a wife could possibly have. (Don't be too confident when you read this, okay?)

The talkshow begin around 10.00 AM, with Rosianna Silalahi as the 1st host with Okky Asokawati as the 1st Inspirator. At the first session, Okky talk about How to Surviving Love. Her presentation teach me about what kind of love we have which now i know that Me and My Husband is experiencing the Passionate Love since we've been dating for almost 7 years and got married for more than 2 years. I started to know about each other Types of Personality, The Language of Love, The Problems of Love and How to Solve it. It is really inspiring especially for married woman.

Next session, with Gery Pur as the 2nd host, we got Indra Noveldi from @NasihatNikah as a Relationship Coach, Dr. Febriansyah Darus, SPOG and Beauty Blogger, Harumi Sudrajat from @MyTipsCantik. This session talks about The Relationship before Marriage and Dr. Febriansyah talks based on the medical side about how important it is to get a Pre-Marital Screening before you got married. (You can read more about the Pre-Marital Screening here)

Then, Cici Panda walks in, we got Raffi Ahmad, Ruli Tampubolon, and Steny Agustaf. They expressing their opinions about women's love obsession, its really fun and full of honest talk from men's heart. Now i know that they don't like the pressure from the women, men's denial were higher then us as a woman, they really wants a women with a beauty inside and out, a smart one, and the one who can go along with their family, and Mother is the very important part of every man's life. Interesting.

Sadly, there's still a lot of Inspirator i want to see but the clock doesn't allow me to stay in the ballroom because i need to get down to the Grand Atrium of Kota Kasablanka to covering So Klin Liquid Talkshow held by the same company, FIMELA.COM. I'll post the story soon!
So let me know, is there anyone going to the #Superlova too? I'm curious about the session that i miss!


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