Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hello everyone!
Thanks for all the likes and warm comments on Instagram lately. How is your day?
By the way, i've received lots of question about how did i teach my baby to brush her teeth on her latest brushing-teeth instavideo a few months ago, and i am really sorry that i just had time to answered your question now because of my crazy routines. Well, you might be curious about why brushing teeth is really important for a toddler?

For me, i want to ensure that Naaya's teeth are strong and will resist decay both now and in the future. I want brushing teeth to be a part of her daily routine so she can be more discipline in the future.

Now you guys might wondering how did i teach my baby to brush her teeth?
Hmm, mother happens to be the first teacher of every child. A child will adopts everything and will starts imitating and behaves the same as their mother.  So, i always let my baby get into the bathroom every night to see what am i doing before i go to sleep. Since then she was starting to clean her hands and ask for a toothbrush and i let her hold her own toothbrush. It worked so good, i don't have to deal with any "mouth-closed" drama. When i'm about to brush her teeth i'll say "Woop woop, the brush is coming!" This totally cracks her up and I can brush really well with short burts as I say, "Tikitik, kitik, kitik!!" (Tickling sounds) and then i'll let her have the toothbrush AFTER i'm done so she can do it by herself. But remember not to force your baby, they will do things when they were ready. As soon as they're willing and able, it's a good idea to let your child try to brush her own teeth, even though they probably won't be able to do a good job but its perfectly fine. So mommies, you better get ready to pick some toothbrush for your little one and start teaching them a real good thing in life ;)

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