Friday, June 13, 2014


Hello guys!
I'm really really sorry for the lack of post these few days, mommy got a real hard time renovating Naaya's baby room into a toddler area. I need to making her (small) 3x3m space into such a lovely area because now she's all grown up, and her toys is getting a lot more and more each and everyday, and she needs a bigger closet for all of her clothes and shoes (YES, her stuff is already compete with MINE! Argh) I also got so many projects to handle these few months, so i hope you guys will keep an eye for any update from us :p Promise, i will post more stuff when i got free-time just to make you guys happy x) See ya!

A mess. She needs a bigger closet for her stuff. A bigger storage for her toys. And more money is needed and it was enough to kill your parents, honey.

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