Friday, August 29, 2014

DIY - Colorful Paper Boats

Whoa! Glad to know that i finally got some time to make a DIY post in the middle of this crazy-routine of a motherhood! So i ended up playing with Origami this afternoon because i want Naaya to have some fun-activity indoors. I mean, No iPad, No TV, just some creativity from an old times.... I decided to make a paper boats because it is simple and its the only thing i remember :p

It was a fun activity for us. Can't believe how a simple thing like an Origami could make our day! When i put the paper boats on the tub she was like, "Waaaaa agus" (Wow, bagus!) and she's trying to spell the "Boats" word and you can hear she said "bot bot bot" for the next two minutes... Hahaha. Well, even though little Naaya sank her ships within a few minutes, it is a sure way to have fun indoors!

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