Sunday, August 3, 2014


Hey Sew-Sista! Do you remember the day when you was a kid and you saw your mother or grandmother sewing some stuff, working with a needles and threads? Well, i'm one of those kid who saw my grandmother making a cute-tiny clothes for all of her dogs and i'm in love with every clothes she made that time. I really want to learn about basic sewing and my mother has thought me a little when i was in Junior High School. But then, i really didn't have time to spent some time with needles and threads anymore but since my hubby just brought me a new Singer Sewing Machine last month, which is super cool, now i spent some of my free time sitting in front my sewing machine and learning how to sew from YouTube and from Inaaya's Fashion Designer :D The first thing i learn to sew was a headband because it is simple to make, and i can create headbands for Inaaya. Who doesn't need a stretchy fabric headbands? I personally use it when washing my face or wearing mask and my baby use it when her hair got so messy. We have a lot of stretchy fabric headbands at home and when i was looking at it, i thought to myself, "Omg, i could have just made this by myself!" So i will post the tutorial real soon, and this was the picture of Naaya wearing my DIY-headband (Sorry, it's slightly oversized on her head because of the wrong measurement :p)

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