Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Room for Love

It was a lovely day around the neighborhood, and as usual, I took Naaya outside to get some fresh air. But this time is a bit different, she's walking around with her new friend, Noah. They had just moved into our neighborhood a month ago.

As we all know, it’s become practically an expected social norm these days to live next to someone for years and never get to know them. But, i think greeting new neighbors is always a nice gesture to make a great first impression and i want my children to learn about how important it is to building a solid relationship with the neighbors. Who doesn't want their children to be compassionate, loving little fellows who grow up to be compassionate, loving adults? Well, i want. If i'm not loving toward my neighbors, then neither will Naaya. When we saw them playing around our house, we say hello and introduce ourself as one of their neighbors, then we stopping by their lovely house and spend some good time with them. Naaya seems to be happy with the fact that she got a new friends to play with everyday. Lesson learned today: There's always room in the heart for more love, right? Welcome to the neighborhood! ❤️

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