Sunday, January 18, 2015

Current Reading - Mother to Daughter

Book Description:
Warm and fuzzy, anchored in values, and filled with simple words of wisdom, this beloved, bestselling book for parents speak to the important business of raising daughters, and distill their timeless lessons into one nugget of wisdom per page—some lighthearted, some serious, some practical, and some intangible, and all supported by a strong moral backbone.

Buku ini bagus banget menurut aku, I think every parents should be forced by law to have a copy :p Kebetulan waktu itu aku lihat koleksi buku ini di Amazon tapi belum sempet untuk beli dan finally ada waktu untuk berkunjung ke Periplus PIM, tapi stock nya cuma ada Mother to Daughter ini, padahal aku berencana untuk beli semua edisinya dari mulai Mother to Son, Father to Daughter, sampai Father to Son. Came in perfect shape, jadi bisa dibawa dan dibaca dimana aja, also a good read to help you remember to cherish the moments and enjoy parenthood as much as possible :)

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