Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Resolutions

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With 2015 is right here, i think its time to start making resolutions! I love writing resolutions every year to help me motivated throughout the year. It is sure a fun way to keep you sticking to your goals.

  • Slimming down to 52kg
  • Eat more vegetables - or trying to be a Vegetarian. At first, i'll try to become a Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian so i can still consume cheese, milk, and egg ^.^
  • Working out more often // 3-5 times a week
  • Detox at least once a month. I was plan to have a fruit detox entire year and Mayo Diet as the beginning on January.
  • Continue to grow my blog. At the end of year i need to reach at least 400.000 readers.
  • Taking more of Inaaya's OOTD post
  • Making a consistent post on Blog including Recipes and DIY
  • Always put marriage on top of everything
  • Be the first to apologize
  • Less stubborn
  • Go out on a date without kids at least once a month. The more is better.
  • Get into a good book. Read at least 3 new book for the entire year.
  • Learn to Speak French or Italian. Just a little bit.
  • Always work on being patient.
  • Have "learning time" about Parenting, Toddler, Kids, and so on at least once a week.
Here's a list of my 2015 resolutions, i don't mind sharing it with you guys so you know how to start making a resolutions. I have a feeling that if I can keep this simple resolution, I'll succeed to improving relationships, feeling better, and being healthier this year :)


  1. nobody cares about your resolutions because we're here for your daughter, to be honest.

    1. Haters gonna hate but thank you so much for reading our blog :)

  2. Good luck on your 2015 resolutions kak! Thanks for sharing with us :)


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