Saturday, February 7, 2015

Arcilland Preview Session

 Preview Session, a little sneak peak before we arrived!

Hi everyone!
I'm so sorry for the lack of post these past few weeks. We've been so busy preparing the upcoming of our brand, Arcilland. At the end of January, we held an exclusive preview session with Me and Babies, A group of Mommies Gathering based in Jakarta. It was such a fun day indeed, all the parents and kids were having so much fun at Pand'or, Wijaya. Big thanks to Me and Babies Group, Pand'Or, Melightoraphy (Melody and Daniel as a Photographer), also everyone who's been willing to help us since the beginning. Just keep an eye for more updates, we will launch soon to fulfill your curiosity!

 A little sneak peak of our cheerful jumpsuit!

 Something cheerful to brighten up your day, kiddo.

The Kids loves Queen Cilla

 Goodie bags-time! Say cheese!

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