Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weekly Fun / 01

So, the past few weeks has been a hectic one for me. I've been trying so hard to get my time management back on track but i think it is really hard for me right now. Thanks to some of you who's being so kind by sending me emails/greetings on comment section on Instagram or Periscope and wondering about my lack of post problems. I decided to add my fun weekly adventures in here special for my fellow readers/followers so you won't miss our daily adventures.

Here's a few recent photos from this week:

1) Swimming every once a week with my little darling and husband.
2) Off to Lippo Mall Kemang! 
3) I want to take her pictures because of her cutie hairstyle, but she wanted to drop her eyeballs.
4) Invited to the Grand Opening of W Diner, Jakarta.
5) One of Inaaya's good friend birthday, Eucla. Happy 3rd birthday, kid!
6) Inaaya and Baby Kimmy.

I'm so sorry for the low resolution images. I took all of this pictures from my iPhone. I forgot to bring my camera with me these past few days, something is definitely going wrong in my head because my camera is sure on my 'must-have' list on the bag! *wondering*. So, see you on the next post!

August 2015, Week 2.

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