Thursday, October 22, 2015

Life as a Mother

Arcilland Family :)

"I wake up in the morning and put you guys first. Well, i got a diaper to change, mouth to feed, bodies to dress, and i have to choose a perfect outfit for my husband in the morning. I got no time leisurely on weekday mornings, i haven't had time sipping my cup of coffee in peaceful way. I eat my breakfast in a rush, with the super active toddler running around the table with the hustle and bustle of getting Nay's to her favorite class on time. Yes, i didn't go for a morning run anymore. I can only do waxing, manicure and pedicure maybe once a century. I couldn't write during the day, you know how much i love writing especially for blog, instead of the day i always got a stolen moments at night when everyone else is in bed, and I am fighting exhaustion with an extra task to cook for my husband everyday (plus midnight). I ask my husband for watching a movie, or a romantic date once a week when our daughter is sleeping, even though i know there's a lot of things to do for my upcoming store. Then i off to bed at midnight, got envious of my husband snoring soundly in our room. Oh, sleep. I miss some extra zzz's. But.......

It is truly a fun part of being a wife and a mother for me:) And you know what? Motherhood is a serious business :D

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